Le meilleurs qualité de bois pour vos meubles!

Chaque bois a sa propre spécificité, nous saurons les exploiter pour des meubles de qualité!

Création site Madagascar

Le bois est comme le vin:

plus il prend l'âge, plus il est beau. Il réclame de l'attention et un entretient!

Trouvez un grand nombre de choix pour vos meuble en bois.


Création site Madagascar

Des meubles pour tous les goûts!

Our virtual gallery:
Why come to us when you can see and visit all our products thanks to your computer or Smartphone or any other technological apparatus. Come to us only to caress and touch our woods. Get carried away by the beauty of our products, the simplicity, and the design by visiting our e-gallery. If a product pleases you, then transform your dreams into reality by contacting us at:

  • Tables and desks

    Chairs and other types of seating

  • Chairs and other types of seating

  • Beds and fittings

  • Wardrobes

  • Lounge furniture and accessories

  • Parasols and wooden lounge chairs

  • Sculptures and other wooden wall hangings

  • Aloalo (local totem poles)

  • Doors and windows

  • Floor boards, parquets, parquex (wood tiles) and wooden roofing

  • Swimming pool

  • Wooden house

  • Other local products which show off our expertise