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Chaque bois a sa propre spécificité, nous saurons les exploiter pour des meubles de qualité!

Création site Madagascar

Le bois est comme le vin:

plus il prend l'âge, plus il est beau. Il réclame de l'attention et un entretient!

Trouvez un grand nombre de choix pour vos meuble en bois.


Création site Madagascar

Des meubles pour tous les goûts!

Tongasoa eh !
Karibo !
Welcome to our web site.
There are a multitude of different types of wood in Madagascar. Present, daily, in the lives of the local people since the start of time, wood represents « life », It’s a living thing by definition. In the past building were made uniquely of wood because the « un-living » materials, such as metal and stone were reserved for the Dead (The Razana). But these days, although houses are built from non living materials, Wood is always present in the form of furniture, tables, chairs, wardrobes and many other articles.
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